Chicas Norma

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Casiano - 3 Febrero 21:58

id eat that pussy

Maynard - 10 Mayo 19:58

Keep talkin smack, . If I'm that guy I pull my dick out of your mouth and squirt about ropes of my seed right in your face. See how you look with your eyes glazed close.

Christiane - 9 Mayo 20:43

Well that was alright

Cernohous - 29 Enero 02:24

These rapid delivery videos are WAY TOO FAST for my brain to comprehend what you are saying because: 1 You're speaking way too fast, 2 You're not enunciating clear enough and sometimes your voice gets too soft for fast talk to be effective, and 3 The jump cuts are too fast and it's very confusing because sometimes it's unclear if you're on a new topic. In both videos, I had to stop, rewind, and replay nearly every single Q&A because of the reasons above. It's annoying. Please slow down?

Kamp - 4 Enero 10:50

Tits like that should be shared with everyone. Pass em around

Greenaway - 12 Julio 18:30

Esa no es la manguera que yo quería…

Digna - 26 Septiembre 17:19

Unfortunately, every peer reviewed paper on the subject concluded the liquid from female ejaculate was mostly urine, with traces of complex alcohols, glycols, ketones, and aldehydes, such as pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, and lactic acid.

Mickie - 17 Abril 18:21

What's her name